Already during my university studies I focused on speech technology aspects: Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). To complement the theory, I found student jobs to get the practical side: I was part of the Logox team (concatenative microsegment synthesis), cut diphones for a TTS-engine (Elan Speech), and checked entries of a transcription lexicon. So I soon became familiar with the different components of a TTS system.
After my university studies, I went on with my work in speech synthesis at G-Data (middle sized software company). Next step was a bigger company - Philips in Aachen. Here I dealt with big transcription databases with geographical entries in different languages. My third place was a small company specialised on TTS services and recordings in a high end sound studio. The costumers were mainly renowned companies. In all three companies, I was also supervising students and interns. Especially in the third company, I conducted many projects on my own responsibility. Here the advantage of working in a small company became obvious.
My fourth step was a jump - into self-employment. Up to now, I was engaged in different projects and tasks, all in the widespread area of speech and language. Additionally, from February 2008 to September 2009 I took the chance to work in a university project, granted by the German Research Council.

Now see below a summary of my skills (apart from phonetics/phonology and linguistics knowledge):

Languages: German (native), good command of English and French, basic knowledge of Danish and Spanish.
IT: Perl, Perl/Tk, Visual Basic, regular expressions. Working with linguistic databases like TIMIT, Celex, lexicons in different formats for TTS and ASR. Working with ASR-Toolkit HTK (Hidden Markov Modeling Toolkit), as well as several tools for audio sound processing like PRAAT and Wavesurfer. Good knowledge of the components of TTS- and ASR-engines, what may cause which sort of errors and how to solve the errors. Basic knowledge of XML and related markup-languages.