I was born in Stuttgart/Germany. After finishing my university-entrance diploma I began to study linguistics at the University of Stuttgart. But after one year I cut the cord to home, moved away and continued my studies in Saarbrücken at the Saarland University, now with phonetics/phonology as main subject. The Institute of Phonetics with Prof Bill Barry as head soon became the second home of many of its students, due to the familiar atmosphere of the small institute and the fun of learning. So I found optimal study conditions there.
Nevertheless, testing out other countries and institutes never harms. So I visited the Center for PersonKommunikation at the University of Aalborg (Denmark) for one semester, participating in the Socrates Exchange Program. I was accomplishing a project where I carried out speech recognition experiments to improve the recognition of stop consonants. Two years later I went once more to the CPK, this time for an internship. My task was programming an interface in Visual Basic for the Danish TTS. During my stays I also learned Danish, as well a phonetically interesting language.
In February 2001 I finished my university studies successfully with the masters thesis "Coarticulation in Automatic Speech Recognition".
Then the time had come where I had to face the "real world", that is finding a job, relocating, working in a company. But on the other hand this also meant earning good money, creating useful things by the work, being economically a full member of the society. So in fact I was glad that now a new episode in my life began. My first station was G-Data at Bochum, where I worked in the Logox Speech Synthesis project. But unfortunately, the project was cancelled one year later. Then I found a job at Philips Speech Processing in Aachen and hence had to move again. Again after several months, I had to change my arrangements, as the department was sold to Scansoft (now Nuance). I was lucky that I already knew a small speech company in Frankfurt/Main from my studies, where I could find a job right away and then stayed 3 years. But at the end, financial problems of the company once again forced me to leave.

I realised that all the time I had been dependent on the decisions of companies where I could do nothing about. I was sick of this! Hence I said to myself, I have enough qualifications, I can as well do it on my own responsibility. So in April 2006, I started my own business in Stuttgart. Since then, I am working successfully in different projects for different industrial companies as well as in university projects as freelancer.