Here are some examples what I can offer to your company:
  • Trainings: Introduction to phonetics and phonology, particularly in relation to speech technology topics
  • General or individually created exception dictionaries and transcription databases for TTS, for different languages
  • Generation of pronunciation variants for ASR
  • Correcting existing lexicons with the aid of phonetic know-how and writing of transcription guidelines
  • Working on all aspects concerning the creation and tuning of TTS- and ASR-Engines
  • Scripts to generate automatic transcriptions for unknown words (grapheme-to-phoneme, G2P)
  • Scripts to generate possible orthographic representations out of a phoneme string (phoneme-to-grapheme, P2G, e.g. for OOV-words in ASR)
  • Check, (automatic) segmentation, annotation and evaluation of acoustic databases (corpora) for TTS and ASR
  • Analysis of specific phonetic/phonological and linguistic properties of word classes (geographic data, medicine, proper names, SMS-texts...)
  • Text-preprocessing: Developping of costumized rules and creation of tools for text normalisation (=> for TTS)
Each company has its focus on different aspects. Some firms produce the core technology or work in research, others integrate the resulting products, e.g. the TTS- or ASR-Engine, in applications like dialogue systems. All work and services I offer will match individually to the needs of your business.